Who are we?  

RADA is a Costa Rican company that is part of APM Terminals, industry leader, which operates a worldwide network of 50 terminals and 18,000 employees in 34 countries. The company provides port management with operations in more than 60 customers of maritime and land transport, play a key role with regard to logistics and global trade.
APM Terminals was established as an independent division within the AP Moller-Maersk Group in 2001, moving its corporate offices from Copenhagen to The Hague in 2004. The company's history began more than half a century with a general cargo center at the Port of New York in 1958. Currently the headquarters for American countries is in Virginia, USA.

Corporate Mission

Providing solutions to our clients to facilitate their work efficiently and easily.

Historical Review

RADA born in 1974 as a company focused on bringing national body repair services to the domestic market. After a few years in the market, the shipping company Sea-Land, acquired the services of RADA and later, in 1999, with the merger of Sea-Land and Maersk Line, RADA became part of the AP-Moller Maersk, thus becoming the exclusive provider of services to Maersk Line, and exploring other areas of service, such as repair, maintenance of refrigerated equipment, power generation units and road rescue.
Until then only focused operations in Limón and San José, in 2006 with the opening of operations in Costa Rica Caldera Maersk, RADA expanded its operations to the Pacific region, following the operation of shipping in the area.
For 2008, as part of a growth strategy, RADA decided to operate not only the market but also maintenance and repair as venture inland carrier, terminal manager and port services, thus providing a greater variety of services to its customers.
In 2010, following completion of an ambitious project to build the most modern container terminal and repair shops across the Atlantic, RADA relocates its headquarters to the province of Limón. This new terminal has the capacity to store 1000 refrigerated containers, dry containers over 2000 and also has five container cranes reach stackers type.
RADA advances and stands firmly on the national and regional industry, to have high-tech equipment and highly trained personnel, in addition to assure customers quality service, offers the support of a serious, responsible, compliant safety standards while it is environmentally friendly.
RADA is committed to developing and established itself as a pioneer in the modernization of Limón, the province that is home to the main port of Costa Rica.


Container Terminal, Main Office, Caribbean Region. Buffalo, Lemon, National Route 32 of the weighing station 2.5 km to Limon center.
Container Terminal, Metropolitan Area, Heredia, Lagunilla, 800 meters west of the Remembrance Gardens, opposite the Royal residential Santa Maria.
Container Terminal, Pacific Region, 7 km before Puerto Caldera, Route 27, Route 27 Servicentro Alongside,UvitaOrotina.
RADA APM Terminals Company  E-mail: ventas@rada.cr  San José Costa Rica
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